Cap designed by Jody Barton for the Cinelli Art Program. The Alley Mouse Cap has a unique blend of typography, symbols, and patterns to represent fashion, music, and art. Some musical works you may see featured on this cap are inspired by Phoenix, Hay, New York Times, Beck, Florence & The Machine, MC Paul Barman, Fuji Rock Festival, Beams T Japan, and Mambo. Perfect cap for summer training rides, the sides are made of a polyester mesh for maximum breathability. The interior of the cap features an antibacterial band that is also extremely comfortable for added protection on the hottest days.

Made in Italy

Woven, 100% Polyester

One size fits all

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From the itsnicethat blog by Owen Pritchard: Jody defines himself as “an awkward character” and questions his own suitability for straightforward commercial projects. “I’m more likely to change styles four times a day and have sixteen opinions about everything,” he says. “It’s frankly a wonder I’ve managed to last this long really. I still work with the Big Active agency in London and their seemingly eternal patience with my wayward and unconfined energies is worthy of some kind of care award.” This hasn’t stopped the work coming in however, his ability to combine typography and illustration has resulted in commissions from Andreas Wellnitz studio in Berlin and from The New York Times. His work never shies away from tackling issues such as mental health, climate change and drug issues. Learn more at his website