In the 80s and 90s Cinelli owned and operated a series of cycling stores under the name ‘Gran Ciclismo’ based in Milan. These stores, originally conceived by Antonio Colombo, were revolutionary and a forerunner in what would eventually become high-end sports retail. The cutting edge ‘Concept Store’ format dedicated almost entirely to a single brand was unheard of at the time. WINGEDSTORE.COM is an evolution of this idea, a single point of reference in a truly expressive environment available for the world to experience.


Our mission is to spread the spirit of Cinelli. Brought to life by Cino Cinelli in 1948 and continued by Antonio Colombo when he took the reins in 1978 and built a cult icon for generations of cyclists all over the world. We are enthusiastically dedicated to keeping alive the heritage of the Cinelli and Columbus trademarks, their beauty and value for money. We want their names and logos to endure, and we want as wide an audience as possible to appreciate them, and to enjoy the Cinelli experience for now, and for the future.