Cap designed by Chas Christiansen for the Rider Collection series. The Rider Collection is a special product collaboration project in which riders create their own Cinelli cap design interpretation. With its unique style and story, this cycling cap is the perfect addition to any kit. Breathable riding cap for high levels of comfort in all weather conditions. It's practicality and fashion all in one.

Made in Italy

Woven, 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton

One size fits all

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Chas Christiansen is the owner of TCB Courier in San Francisco, California. He has been working as a bike messenger for the last 7 years. He enjoys traveling to far away places, fried egg sandwiches, taking photos with old 35mm cameras, drinking with his friends, and racing his bike, in no particular order. He rides for MASH SF and Cinelli, having just returned from an amazing trip to Africa he is excited to begin planning the next adventure.

Photo Credit: John Daniel Reiss - Rider: Chas Christiansen