The Futura fork line is the pinnacle of Columbus Carbon Lab research & development. Taking advantage of the newest technologies and standards, Futura Disc was designed to meet the needs of riders seeking a road racing disc-brake set-up. Braking performance and feeling are significantly improved by the discbrake system: with the capability of mounting 160mm disc rotors, Futura Disc ensures unbeatable performance, even in the most challenging weather conditions, offering a braking capacity that goes above and beyond what standard caliper-brakes can provide.

Futura’s unique design, with an 1,5” oversized steerer, has been specifically engineered to maximize stiffness and reliability during braking, providing a riding experience with increased precision and performance. The ultra-light monocoque carbon-fiber structure has been asymmetrically reinforced in the areas of major stress due to braking, as well as providing increased torsion control, both essential characteristics of a reliable fork. Finally, Futura’s curvilinear structure was developed and optimized to perfectly interact and compliment even the most modern carbon-fiber frames, as well as satisfying both the aesthetic and technical needs of new-generation highperformance steel, alu and titanium bicycles.

Futura Disc is optimized for ‘center-lock’ hubs and is recommended the use a disc’s lock-ring with internal spline (e.g. Shimano SM-RT96).
Different disc’s tightening-systems (with external screws / lock-ring with external spline) can be used only if their screws/lock-ring do not protude more than 2mm from disc’s surface.

T700S & HFM Carbon fiber monocoque
Finishing: UD, 3K & Columbus painted
Carbon dropouts with aluminum inserts
Tapered Steerer 1-1/8” - 1,5”
Steerer length: 300mm
Axle to crown length: 368mm
Rake: 45mm
Diametro testa: 56mm
Passaggio ruota: fino a 28mm
Perno passante: E-Thru 12mm (incluso)
Pinza Flat-mount - rotore massimo 160mm
Passaggio cavi interno
Expander consigliato: kgapcap28.6c
Peso: 440g (±10g)
Crown diameter: 56mm
Tire clearance: up to 28mm
Axle standard: E-Thru 12mm (included)
Flat mount disc clamp - up to 160mm rotor
Internal cable routing
Recommended expander: Columbus kgapcap28.6c
Weight: 440g (±10g)

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