italian off-road


the nemo gravel is Cinelli’s ultimate gravel bike, steeped in the brand’s history of making performance bicycles since 1948 across all different genres from pure road to mountain bike (europe’s first mountain bike in 1983) to hors categorie hybrids (the passatore in 1991). the nemo gravel has a maximum tyre clearance of 40mm and maintains the sharp handling of its road bike sister whilst increasing rider confidence and technical handling characteristics for more rugged terrain.

particularly for riders used to carbon fiber frames, the experience of riding a contemporary oversized steel frame such as the nemo can be paradigm shifting. to discover more about the feel of a handmade italian steel frame and immerse yourself in the history, technology and romance of the material, click here to read the Cinelli guide to steel.

100% made in italy


the nemo gravel is welded in italy by our framebuilders using 100% made in italy materials including custom-drawn columbus tubes with sections and shapes inspired both by the inherent mechanical qualities of the proprietary omnicrom steel and a special references to our own archive. now, thanks to our collaboration with premium italian component manufacturers it is also possible to purchase the nemo gravel in a 100% italian build.

the 2022 nemo gravel received a four-star rating with "ride quality to die for" from the esteemed international online bike magazine bike radar. it was also the only steel bike included in their five bike shortlist for gravel bike of the year 2022.

since 1948 all Cinelli steel bicycle frames have been designed and manufactured to become heirloom pieces, ridden by you for hundreds of thousands of kilometres before being passed on to the next generation without any decrease in ride quality. nevertheless the nemo gravel is sold with a 2-year guarantee for any manufacturing faults, registered with company upon purchase.

ready to ride
the nemo gravel is delivered to clients 95% assembled. you will be required only to fix your handlebars and, if necessary to achieve best fit, take the bicycle to your local mechanic to have the fork steerer shortened.