Futura collaboration with Cinelli Art Program comes from afar.
From the enthusiasm for cycling, from Keith Haring’s Rampichino, from New York messengers, from the street culture.
The road that led to this collection has been long and winding. There has always been mutual affection, but it’s the friendship that made it happen in the end.

The Futura Noseeum Winter Jacket is designed for those of you who don’t give up riding, no matter what weather conditions. Like the bike messengers of New York, like young Futura. It is equipped with a top of the range Windtex® pro membrane - breathable and water repellent. The perforated rear pocket is reflective - so that cars can better see you - and elastic, to ensure that the content does not create stress on the back. A coated zip - water proof with internal flap - keeps the chilly air out: the “zip garage”. Raw-cut cuffs allow no cold air in. Highly reflective piping increases visibility. A comfort pad is positioned by the neck, for additional protection. Quick block zipper allows easy opening with one hand. FL logo placket. On the left shoulder, a reflective winged Cinelli monogram shines. Enjoy your winter riding, urban and beyond.


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Legendary artist and long-time urban cyclist, Futura was born in New York in 1955 and started painting in the early ’70s when the genre of graffti – as a formal artistic canon - was yet to be coined. He soon became a game changer, introducing abstractionism in graffti art, beyond the then prevailing letter based style. In 1982 he joined The Clash for the Combat Rock tour and created artwork for them. By the late ’80s he had become a leading light in New York's downtown gallery golden age, mixing with the likes of Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Kenny Scharf. Since the ’60s his passion for steel-made human-powered machines has been growing steadily. “My love for cycling began when I was a child. In the late ‘80s I was a bike messenger in New York City riding on a fixed frame. Over the following decades, and after logging thousands of miles, I have consistently followed the grand tours, and have forever been a fan of this passionate sport. The opportunity to create a kit for CINELLI is beyond a dream come true. It’s a gift from God”. In 1997 McGurr started his own design studio, Futura Laboratories, collaborating with such brands as Nike, Uniqlo, Supreme and Levi’s. This Collection is studio’s latest creation. Explore Futura Laboratories on Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/futuralaboratories/