The second generation integrated handlebar. Fully renewed in its structure and in the positioning of the layers of Carbon fibre. The position of the entrance holes for the brake cables has been lifted so that the hand position is higher and more comfortable. The variable radius drop (Variable Radius Concept - VRC) is unique and innovative, developed with world class athletes: the hands follow the arc of the drops smoothly, without feeling any gap, and reach the brake levers easily and safely.

Material: T700 High Modulus Carbon fibre

Fork clamp diameter: 28,6 mm (1-1/8”)

Stem angle: 85° Handlebar width c/c: 40-42 cm

Combination stem/handlebar: 40/100 - 40/110 - 42/110 - 42/120 - 42/130 

Weight: 420g (42/110) Bolts: Rear M6.

Reach: 86 mm

Drop: 136 mm


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